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Qtel to launch 4G mobile internet service 'during the second half of this year'


State-organized telecom provider Qtel has announced it will begin to roll out its 4G high speed mobile internet service in the latter half of 2012.

The Gulf Times quotes Qtel chairman Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohamed bin Saud al-Thani as saying at yesterday’s annual general assembly meeting:

“We believe that broadband will provide a key platform for growth in the future and are taking the necessary steps to ensure we are in a leadership position.”

The company first announced the upcoming service some five months ago, adding that full rollout of its 4G LTE service would take three years as 900 base stations are installed across the country.

Populated urban centers, such as Doha, will be the first to come online. No word yet on pricing, but previous remarks from the company were that it will “have to be affordable.”

What do you think? Excited?

Pregnant Teen Sues School

Discrimination may seem intolerable to societies, however we see it day in and day out in the worst forms possible. A 15-year-old New Mexico teen, Shantelle Hicks sues her school after being kicked out and humiliated at a school assembly.


Wingate Elementary School in McKinley, N.M., claims to provide success to all its students according to and this is where being discriminatory towards their students is considered illegal.


The teen filed a lawsuit against the school after the events had happened and this presented upheaval in the entire case. The American Civil Liberties Union took this case and helped Hicks to be allowed back to school, but not in the way she wanted. an activist, community-building network reported on this issue and created a petition to help eliminate bullying and singling out of people, as well as discrimination in education. There were more than 400 comments on the issue written by Care2 in their women’s rights causes page. 

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Our patience and the patience of the world has run out.

Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani, Qatari Prime Minister, in a meeting with Arab foreign ministers on Saturday in which he called for the recognition of the Syrian National Council as “the people’s legitimate representative.”

AFP reports:

“The time has come to apply the proposal to send Arab and international troops to Syria,” Sheikh Hamad said during a meeting of top diplomats which was to be joined by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov later on Saturday…

Russia and its diplomatic ally China in February vetoed a UN Security Council resolution condemning the Assad regime for the bloodshed in Syria and has shown little sign of shifting its policy since.

But Moscow is now coming under huge pressure from the West and Arab states to start exerting pressure on Assad’s regime and support sanctions over the bloody crackdown.

Given that relations between Qatar and Russia have been anything but friendly lately, it will be interesting to see how Moscow reacts to this latest call for action in Syria.

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10 Great Tumblr Blogs for News Junkies - Social Web Daily | MyLife’s Social BlogSocial Web Daily

journalofajournalist: just named Journal to their 10 Great Tumblr Blogs for News Junkies list. Misspelled my name, but otherwise damn awesome. Flattered:

5. Journal of a Journalist: For true news-philes, this blog by Neil Ungerleider of Fast Company, provides interesting insight into the world of journalism. You’ll find interesting news stories, invaluable commentary, and an awesome sci-fi slant. A great place to find news you didn’t even know you cared about.

'Call me Henry' - Economist dubs Qatar's Emir 'Arab Kissinger'


Alternately praising and denigrating Qatar’s Emir for his skillful diplomacy, a new snarky piece in the Economist compares him to the controversial Henry Kissinger, a politician who has played a significant role in US foreign policy decisions since the 1970s.

The piece asserts:

(The Emir) says he strives to be friendly with everyone. A thick wallet seems to help, though his pragmatism at times offends allies. American Congressmen say he is a friend on Monday and sends money to extremists on Tuesday…

He is determined to transform Doha, his capital, and will host a Taliban liaison office as well as the 2022 football world cup. Great gas wealth has allowed the rotund leader of the al-Thani dynasty, Qatar’s rulers for two centuries, to amass extraordinary clout.

What do you think? Fair/unfair?

Jackets are Essential!!

For the past couple of days, Qatar has been experiencing unusual weather circumstances. There is no easy way to put this, its freezing cold here!

I have lived all my life in Qatar and I don’t believe I ever experienced cold weather like this.

At around this time, my family would be bringing out the light jerseys and making sure that everyone got a bowl of soup every evening. These two days, my family has been busy taking out the heavy jackets and scarfs, which I never knew even, existed in our house!

In a weird way, I used to think I love the cold weather, but this weather is giving me aching pain in my bones.

Today, the weather forecast has been declared 9 degrees in the morning and warmed up to 15 this afternoon. I think this is the coldest I could ever remember Qatar being.

So what do you think of the weather these days?!

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